July 20, 2017 | At The Feet Of Kings

“He [Jotham] did what was right in the Lord’s sight as his father Uzziah had done. In addition, he didn’t enter the Lord’s sanctuary.”
[2 Chronicles 27:2 HCSB]
Learn from history
The history of Judah’s kings teaches many important lessons, including one overpowering theme: those who understand the past can prosper. Some people learn from the past and God’s Word. They break the negative cycles they inherit while keeping all the good. Others refuse to learn and stay in the evil rut.
With that in mind, ask yourself this: What will my own story be? Will it be a sad history – similar to failures like Judah’s king Zedekiah? Or will my life history be a beautiful picture of His story? Will my life canvas be waterlogged and stained, or will it show the touch of the Master’s hand?
Those are our only choices. One cannot sit on the fence. Zedekiah is the perfect example. As you study him you see a man who actually meant well, but didn’t learn the lessons of history. Zed had the best kingly dad in Judean history (Josiah), along with the wonderful prophet Jeremiah right at his elbow wanting to guide him…but he didn’t listen! All the great background in the world doesn’t ensure anything unless you learn yourself. It doesn’t matter that you have wonderful parents and a great church if you don’t learn yourself.
Likewise, it doesn’t matter how bad your background or how heavy your baggage! King Jotham came from a long line of pride, yet he became an awesome cycle-breaker! Jotham’s life became a shining example of God’s story unfolding.
What will it be for each of us? Zed or Jo? Sad history or His story?
At the feet of kings
If you would like more background on Judah’s kings, the link below will take you to my personal study notes.